Ziggy & Charlie

To our friends at the Cats Protection:

We thought you might enjoy an update on Ziggy and Charlie. Since coming to us they have settled in nicely. After a tentative couple of days where they emerged only to eat and use the litter tray we finally coaxed them into the lounge. They very quickly became used to us although Charlie can be a bit skittish around new people. Ziggy is a regular charmer and makes friends with anyone who seems interested. Adrian has been very good at getting the cats to sit on his lap while we are watching television. They are very cute curled up in a ball on his lap sleeping. Charlie is full of energy and seems to come alive in the evening. He races from room to room playing with a raggedy blue mouse that Adrian's sister sent to us. He is especially cute when he sits on the edge of the bath while we shower. Occasionally, Ziggy will come into the bathroom and sit on the edge of the bath but mostly it is Charlie. And no matter how much fresh water we give them we find them climbing into the basin to lick the taps. We are delighted that they have started to calm down at night. After we turn the lights out Ziggy climbs onto the bed to sleep at our feet. Sometimes Charlie will join us as well.

I could go on describing how each cat expresses his personality. Suffice to say that we are delighted with Ziggy and Charlie. It is difficult to remember our life before we had them. Thanks for assistance in the adoption process.

Warm regards,
Tim and Adrian